3D paper anchor

Set sail for new horizons with new colors!

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On vous dit tout sur lui

Our paper anchor took the plunge and dived headfirst into a makeover treatment at our in-house salon, and the result is quite something! New paper and new colors for a much sleeker look!

If you like a bit of a seaside breeze blowing through your home, this 3D paper anchor is a one-way ticket to getting the French coast feel, complete with keening gulls and rushing waves.

This 3D paper anchor measures 50 cm high and 5 cm thick, and is 39 cm across at its widest point. It’s made from mass-dyed craft paper for a much more vibrant, colorful effect, with no added bulk at the creases. Grooved for easy folding, this anchor comes with extra-strong double-sided sticky tape.

Whatever you do, don’t throw it overboard: it’ll float.