3D paper cat


Nestor, the 100% hypo-allergenic cat


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Our paper cat got its claws stuck into a makeover treatment at our in-house salon for a makeover: the result is breathtaking! Bigger, better and more beautiful than ever before, introducing our purrrfect new paper and brand-new colors!

Always wanted a cat, but can’t stand the idea of a litter tray? This cute little self-assembly paper cat is a good compromise. Perfect for perching somewhere in a kid’s bedroom, or tucking away among some leaves.

This little kitty is made up of parts we’ve numbered for easy assembly, and comes with extra-strong sticky tape: Once you put it together, there’s no way it’ll fall apart!

Note: Zero scratching and hairballs guaranteed.

Our cat measures 36 cm long, 14 cm wide and 24 cm high.

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