3D paper flamingo


Armand the flamingo


On vous dit tout sur lui

Birds are making their debut in the paper trophy range. Our extraordinary creatures committee have chosen the flamingo as one of the species of bird to join our fraternity. Do you know why their feathers are such a beautiful pink color? Flamingoes mainly eat mollusks and small fish as well as shrimp, which is where they get their color. And what makes this guy’s color really pop? No doubt he’s been eating mutant shrimp (or ones that have gone bad), we’re not yet sure why his feathers are so bright.

Top tip: don’t leave seafood out on the table, it may suddenly disappear when your back is turned.

However, the pose he’s striking will enhance the room’s decor, and given his color, no guest can miss him. Like a king of the wetlands, he likes to be noticed. Giving him a little compliment when you pass will go a long way.

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