3D paper puffin


The clown of the sea


On vous dit tout sur lui

No, that’s not a parrot you’re looking at, it’s a little paper puffin who’s quite the prankster. Don’t be fooled by appearances, this Alcidae may seem calm and wise but he’s a real joker. He’s often nicknamed “The Clown of the Sea”, ladies and gentlemen, and that’s not just because of his colorful nose. Arnold has imagination in spades and is very cunning when it comes to setting up a new joke…

Other than that, this little critter is still an adorable companion. All he wants is to be adopted and will quickly put the smile back on your face and liven up your household. Also, his cheerful colors will go perfectly with your interior. His favorite place to be?  Perched on a piece of furniture in the living room, not far from the sofa. He really loves watching TV and is a die-hard fan of Steve Carell and of his humorous and, you might say, groan-worthy wordplay.

P.S.: He only eats fudge wrappers.