3D paper raccoon


Gaston the Raccoon


On vous dit tout sur lui

You asked, and we delivered. Introducing the greatest hero the world has ever known: Gaston the raccoon. With his gorgeous, muted shades and mask-like face markings, Gaston is kind of like Agent Paper’s very own secret agent. Like any self-respecting raccoon, he enjoys nothing more than a good rummage around in the trash (he believes in recycling), and helps himself to the fridge. On the plus side, at least it’ll help keep your weight down. Gaston is all about the self-sacrifice!

If you’re considering adopting this little guy, please make it snappy. We’re starting to get kind of annoyed with finding our snacks have gone missing and he’s tried to wash our donuts in the toilet.

Gaston the Raccoon is made from mass-dyed craft paper, which means his colors are bright and vibrant.

Please note that Gaston the Raccoon is a tricky creature to tame: you’ll need to be patient and good with your hands to get him together.

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