3D paper robot


Domo arigato mister Roboto

On vous dit tout sur lui

This is the coolest paper robot in the history of robots… Photocop is the first robot to come out of the print works and is made solely from steel paper.

He loves watching cartoons on TV and playing with Meccano, this robot will be the ideal companion for families or adults who are still a kid at heart. But make no mistake, behind his pretty colors and innocent face is a very clever little machine. Especially when it comes to engineering. He will quickly come up with all sorts of cunning plans to steal a few of your screws and electric wires. So here’s some advice if you don’t want to find a wind turbine right in the middle of the garden when you get back from work:don’t give him free access to your workbench or toolbox!

Despite that, Photocop is just waiting for a family to adopt him. He will be your most loyal companion.

This paper robot is for you to assemble yourself.