3D paper toucan


Diego the Toucan


On vous dit tout sur lui

You raise me up, so I can fly with toucans. Isn’t that how the song goes? Okay, so lyrics aren’t exactly our strong point. And let’s get real, you’re unlikely to ever fly with toucans, which is why we created Diego the Toucan, who’ll feather his colorful, tropical nest in your home.

This is probably the most useful roommate you’ll ever have. He can use his beak to hammer in nails, open cans or drill holes in the wall, or you could throw him around like a boomerang. Although we can’t guarantee he’ll come back…

Diego the Toucan is made from mass-dyed craft paper, which means his colors are bright and vibrant. He measures 45 cm deep (tail included), 15 cm wide and 50 cm high.