3D paper turtle




On vous dit tout sur lui

“Slow and steady wins the race” said La Fontaine. From all walks of life (maybe including the New York sewers), this turtle family have put La Fontaine’s words into practice.

There’s no need to feed this turtle pizza, she’ll be happy with just a few strips of double-sided tape and a little patience. Martial arts? She doesn’t know any. All she wants to do is tan her shell in a not too sunny place, on a piece of furniture, a desk or in a kid’s bedroom. However, we advise against taking her in the bath with you, strangely enough this turtle doesn’t like water.

A symbol of perseverance and longevity, turtles are creatures that like to take their time and resist their many predators thanks to their shells. If someone gives you this creature then don’t read anything into it, they’re just congratulating you on your determination.

The turtle is available in 4 designs: brown/chlorophyll green, cream/green, blue with stickers as well as a coloring version. If you want a turtle as mutant as your creativity, then we recommend either of the last 2 designs.