Witchy A3 Poster

Black magic on the bill

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On vous dit tout sur lui

This poster has an aura of mysticism. It holds the secrets of the greatest magicians in the world. But don’t be afraid – the spells linked to this illustration will only bring happiness and prosperity to its owner, at least that’s what we hope… The last time we hung this poster in the office, we lost half our premises in a mysterious cardboard box explosion. Coincidence?

One thing’s for sure, if you hang this poster on the wall by a door and shout “Open Sesame!” as you cross the threshold, it will start working its magic. In short, this poster is all about magic and mystical and occult symbols. For even more clairvoyant decor, combine this poster with our Astro Cards.

Please note: spell book, magic wand, athame and chalice not included.