Adventurer notebook


All-terrain! &


On vous dit tout sur lui

Hey you! Yeah, you! You with the soul of a true trail blazer, adventurer, traveler… Listen carefully to what we have to tell you. We have finally figured out what you need! Yes, even you, as unpredictable, clumsy and reckless as you are, can take notes and sketch drawings no matter where you are.

This little block of paper is the real all-terrain vehicle of paper notebooks. Its paper leather cover is designed from leather scraps produced during the tanning process. They are recovered and transformed to create recycled leather sheets that are sturdy and respect the environment. The pages of the notebook are made from stone dust, no trees are used, and it can be recycled forever! Also, the stone paper pages are water resistant, so you can clean them as many times as you like. In short, it’s the ideal notebook for you, it respects nature and will be by your side during your extraordinary adventures.

This notebook is fully water resistant! If you don’t believe us, take a look at our demo video… You’ll see!