“All work and no stain” Recipe Journal


Guaranteed not to feel like a chore


On vous dit tout sur lui

What would you say to a recipe journal that you can drop all the food and sauces you want onto, without worrying that your famous recipe for grilled cheese sandwich will disappear under a layer of ketchup? Our “All work and no stain” recipe journal is equal to the task, making cooking not feel like a chore. It is made from stone paper so it’s easy to write on and can be cleaned no problem!

Write down all your favorite recipes, from your famous buffalo wings to apple pie, so you can hand down the delicious meals you’ve mastered to your kids one day.

Bonus: this journal also contains recipe ideas, tips, culinary aids and anecdotes in French. It has 5 recipe sections: Appetizers, starters, mains, desserts and cocktails with 20 pages for your recipes per section. This journal contains pages in French. Message in French on the cover: Pour les tâches. Translation: All work and no stain.