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Is your pet your one and only? Or does one of your friends only have eyes for their four-legged friend? Display this animal in all its glory dressed as an astronaut or knight. This metal plate print will make them look like more of a star than a glam squad getting a famous actress ready to walk the red carpet at the Oscars.

It won’t just be their coat that’s shining, they will also shine in your decor. If you’re after a more rustic look, check out the wood print.

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Please note: To ensure a great quality finish and avoid delays, photo submissions must adhere to the following rules:     

– The photo must be at least 2 MB or 2500 pixels wide.     

– The photo must be taken against a plain light-colored background, preferably white.     

– If possible, avoid photos taken by a low- or mid-quality phone or tablet.

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Please note: As this product is custom-made, production & delivery can take up to 7 days.