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Do you want your own pallet wood picture? Do you want a portrait of your favorite child, a super illustration or even a photo of a pallet on your pallet? Anything is possible! The bonus of printing on wood: the material. The bumps, knots, grain and grooves of the wood mean the final result looks really rustic. Perfect for portraits or collages.

Use the customization form to send the image or photo that you want to print, choose the size, orientation (landscape or portrait) and leave the rest to us.

Important: Custom pictures take 5 working days to manufacture.

Please note: Only send large high-quality images to avoid poor-quality results. Just imagine what an image the size of a postage stamp stretched over a 30-cm-wide pallet would look like!
Also note: Wood is a living material with its qualities and flaws. Grain, knots, irregular texture… that’s also what gives it its charm!