Einstoy Paper Toy


Son of a beaker!

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On vous dit tout sur lui

It is our great honor to introduce you to Madame Einstoy. This small but feisty paper scientist will never let you out of her sight again (in fact she may even use her microscope to keep an eye on you) and for good reason… She has the uncanny ability of always having an answer for everything, they say she’s even nicknamed Wikipaper. But be careful, you do still need to know when to lay down the law, her boundless imagination drives her to take reckless risks to pull off all sorts of experiments.

Aided by her two mice lab partners, this Einstoy paper toy has a nasty habit of creating potions that go boom and will never fail to make you jump. Like the time she nearly destroyed the whole printer’s building, by bringing Monsieur Frankenstoy to life…

P.S.: Make sure you always have something on hand to repair her glasses, she has the annoying habit of breaking them during her explosive research.