Flower bud card

Meadow card

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On vous dit tout sur lui

A touch of something blooming marvelous in a cardboard cut-out world. The concept? Every card is sold with a few wildflower seeds. The card itself can be transformed into a little flowerpot. Add a bit of soil, sow your seeds, and wait for your flowers to blossom. A quirky way of showing someone you care, by bringing the wonders and beauty of the natural world into their home.

This flower bud card is printed on semi-matte waterproof coated paper and is an A5 format (A4 when opened).
The part designed to be used as a pot is pre-cut and comes with an assembly diagram.

Note: Feel free to use the pot to plant something different, or to completely change the tone of the message. Dandelions or cactus make for very expressive alternatives.