Framed Animals


All the colors of the rainbow

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On vous dit tout sur lui

These unbelievable, colorful, off-beat creatures are framed so can be hung on the wall. They will be perfect for enhancing decor that’s a bit too conventional, brightening up a kid’s bedroom, accessorizing a games room or amazing guests in the living room. The motivational flamboyant colors will fill you with enthusiasm! At least we hope so… It would be sad if the opposite were true!

Their sweet little faces are printed on 350 g art paper, and their frames are made of four pieces of wood, 1 cm thick. They also come with a few customizable speech bubbles, where you can write a few words of your choice and make them say absolutely anything!

Koala: This is one tired and grumpy koala. But he’s purple with yellow horns… So, we’ll forgive him.

Fox: We don’t know what he’s shouting about, but one thing’s for certain: he’s definitely shouting. Or he could be laughing… Whatever he’s doing, he’s doing it so hard that his ears are now sticking out in all directions!

Skunk: As the saying goes: “This skunk will eat you out of house and home”. Luckily, you’re safe, she’s stuck in her wooden frame so won’t be able to clean out your cupboards in the middle of the night!

Sparrow: With hearts on his cheeks and cheerful eyes, this sparrow is such a tweetie pie, a mini Cupid. Except that he’s a sparrow and isn’t in the buff.