Friday Barbecue Metal Picture

Underwater barbecue

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On vous dit tout sur lui

Hey, you, Hamburger King! If as soon as the sun’s out, you become a hardcore fan of Friday barbecues then we’d love to chew the fat with you. Our favorite things are Fridays, the sea and barbecuing, so you can imagine how much we love this spectacular picture. What do you think? Does it cut the mustard? You love it too, huh?We knew it! And think how good you’ll look with this super decor when you invite your friends and family round to enjoy some delicious summery food!

Right then, we better stop grilling you as you’ve got bigger fish to fry. It’s high time you ordered this fab picture and headed to the local butcher’s because your guests are about to arrive. Text in French: Le vendredi, c’est barbecue ! Translation: Friday is barbeque time!