Large 3D paper panda on a branch

Crouching bear, perched panda

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On vous dit tout sur lui

Unlike Édouard the panda, this panda flat-out refused to come down from his branch. We waved eucalyptus leaves under his nose and Édouard begged him, but he didn’t budge. As a result, we’re offering this version of the panda, comfortably sat on his branch.

With his branch hung on the wall, he’ll watch over your comings and goings but may get in a huff if you don’t slip him a few eucalyptus leaves on your way past. Mind you, who could resist his lovely round face? The wood texture of his paper branch is better than the real thing.

Also, worth noting: his magnificent coat is easy to maintain. It’s just so much easier than the fur of a Sphinx cat…


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