“Make your mark” Restroom Guestbook

Luxury restroom

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On vous dit tout sur lui

In principle, the restroom isn’t one of the most attractive rooms in the house, however, it is one of the most visited. Some people spend most of their time there (we see you, yes you, there, in the back, sat on the toilet bowl still playing with your phone and listening to music).

Do you want to know whether your party guests think your slice of paradise is a pleasant place to be? The restroom guestbook will help you find out what they thought of their little visit as they can leave a note, comment or recommendation for future visits. Immortalize your guests’ visits to the restroom and have some fun holding review competitions to find out who has the best restroom in the world! This guestbook is in French. Message in French on the cover: Laisse ta trace Translation: Make your mark.