Mini trophy card

Wittle animals

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On vous dit tout sur lui

Ideal for sending to friends, as a gift or for just putting up in your home, these cards will go perfectly with your mini trophies or simply delight cute little animal lovers. Panda message in French: Tu tiens le bambou Translation: You’re on track, don’t get bamboozled. Unicorn message in French: Les licornes & les sirènes existent Translation: Unicorns & mermaids are real. Racoon message in French: Ne ratons pas cette occasion Translation: Take the chance and grab life by the paws. Llama message in French: Tu chantes aussi bien que Serge Translation: You’re as good a singer as Serge (Lama). Elephant message in French: Tu te trompes rarement Translation: You rarely trumpet up the wrong tree. Owl message in French: Garde les yeux ouverts Translation: Keep your eyes peeled. Fox message in French: Que la fox soit avec toi Translation: May the fox be with you. Tiger message in French: Reveille le tigre qui dort en toi Translation: Awaken the tiger within.