Mini trophy coat hook


Hang me if you can


On vous dit tout sur lui

These small coat hooks are dual purpose: they provide a home for your little angels’ coats and jackets when they get back from school and are fun decorations for their rooms. The owl, fox or tiger printed on it will make sure that no one other than your kid or you runs off with what you’ve hung up.

To ensure this, they were brought up and fed on great cereal so they’re roaring to go as soon as the alarm clock sounds and stay alert all day long. Although the fox has her eyes closed, she is guided by her exceptional sense of smell.

Owl message in French: Coucou joli hibou Translation: You’re hootiful. Fox message in French: Que la Fox soit avec toi Translation: May the fox be with you. Tiger message in French: Réveille le tigre qui dort en toi Translation: Awaken your inner tiger.