Hoël the pirate

The Buccaneer of Brest!

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On vous dit tout sur lui

From the coast of Nantes to the tip of Saint Malo, Hoël the Pirate sails the seas of Brittany on the lookout for ships to loot. Once he has ransacked the enemy, he sinks their ship, letting out his formidable cry: “Arrr’ll be seein” you!”.

His secret talent: knows the craggy cliffs and watery depths of the Breton seas like the back of his hand.
His downfall: knows the depravities and inns of the Breton coasts like the back of his hand.

Character measuring 15.5 cm tall, printed on sturdy 250 g “cardboard” paper, comes in pre-cut parts with assembly instructions and double-sided extra-strong sticky tape.