Small 3D paper panda


Baby panda

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What could be cuter than a panda? Umm, a baby panda? This panda head is our miniature version of Edouard the Panda. If you’ve already fallen head over heels for his big brother, you definitely need a mini Edouard in your life. His USP? You won’t need too much in the way of bamboo shoots, although these little fur babies can be greedy.

This baby panda will look sweet as can be hung up on your wall in a smaller room. A great listening ear to while away the time in the bathroom, for example.

This panda is available in two colors, Caramel and Chocolate. Please note that the Caramel version is currently endangered, since our printer is running low on supplies. So if you’ve been considering adopting one, now’s the time!

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