Stag wooden shelving


Objects won’t have to hang on for deer life

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On vous dit tout sur lui

What if someone told you that you could store your books, plant pots and stunning trinkets on a stag? You heard right, a stag. Of course, our stag shelving isn’t a real stag – given real stags don’t actually like things being stored on them, they wouldn’t take too kindly to being shelves.

Our stag shelving is 100% Made in France from poplar wood. He isn’t very aerodynamic, but that doesn’t really matter as you probably won’t use him for sled racing. However, he’s the perfect fit for a lounge, and the fact he doesn’t move makes it that much easier to use him to store various objects, decorations, plants, your The Famous Five collection and more. Available in two sizes, he is equally suited to small and large rooms. It is quite easy to assemble this stag shelving. For a longer lasting hold, we recommend gluing the pieces together, unless you want to move your stag shelving to a different room every week.