Wooden crab

Krabz is no flash in the pan!

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On vous dit tout sur lui

Krabz is part of Octopus’ loyal crew. He is the crab chef of the ship, cooking sophisticated dishes throughout the tour of duty. He is known for his unique culinary specialty: “Provencal seaweed pincer-pie”. Rumor has it that he’s the reason that the crew of the Queen Paper’s Revenge always wins out in cruel clashes like rock-paper-anchor, pincer wars and staring contests.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you’re lucky enough to meet him one day, remember that chef Krabz is a stickler for etiquette. So, whatever you do, don’t forget to shake his pincer… One final thing before you invite him to join your cast, make sure you’ve got at least a gallon of water on hand before trying the chef’s dishes as they tend to be on the salty side!

This wooden crab is for you to assemble yourself.