Wooden octopus


A shining example of an octopus


On vous dit tout sur lui

Let us introduce you to Octopus, the one, the only, Captain of the “Queen Paper’s Revenge“, the ship that’s tearing it up on the ocean waves. Octopus is the mad mastermind behind the team, when she thinks too hard it even seems like a light bulb goes off in her head. For decades now, Octopus’ papercrew has been unbeaten, and her flotilla is feared across the seven seas.

She can usually be found exploring the depths, 20,000 leagues under the sea, with her loyal sidekick Krabz.

In the darkest abysses, she sheds light on the surroundings for miles around thanks to her shining lantern. A guiding light, Octopus is undoubtedly the most intelligent sea creature there is – there are no catches with her, and you certainly wouldn’t describe her as deadwood.

This octopus is for you to assemble yourself, she can hang like a shade, cling to a wall face or simply sit atop a piece of furniture.

Please note, the light bulb and lighting system are not supplied with Octopus.